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A.T.B. and creative affiliate dimension of marketing and its manipulation by market programming.


Business people tend to use the term ‘market’ is to describe the groups of individuals or organizations that make up the pool of actual and potential customers for their goods and services. These groups fall into one or more of the following categories: geographic, demographic or socioeconomic, psychographic, behavioral etc. But the Mainstream approach to modern market has been evolving in huge turbulences over the years, trying to grasp the market reach and size of modern economic structures and intertwined playground of the world.

A.T.B. and creative affiliate dimension of marketing and its manipulation by market programming.

Marketing, the state of rubble.

In the modern era marketing is a term that almost everyone is familiar with but not many have actual idea or enough information about the scale and complexity of the world behind it, and the problems it faces in ever growing, evolving, and changing world is just too complex even for the best of marketing directors out there.  To most of people and smaller businesses marketing is just a way creating recognition, the more views you get the better, more visits you get more prestigious you seem more clients you may get. Lager companies are more concerned about brand recognition forgetting about the importance of the quality marketing or playing it safe with the market of growing complains and social rules that have to be in consideration for establishing any positive image. All this can be very hard job for any company trying to establish steady growth and income.

Developing a Habit can be a much better solution for many businesses, Habit makes the client dependent on the product or a though in a way that is explained in psychology as automatic response to an action, a feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience like in experiments done by Ivan Pavlov in 1890s. Or an action you take when you stand in a shop in front of bottles with different sparkling beverages, have you thought of Coca cola? This simple phenomenon is caused by a neuro stimulation that accrues in our brain when exposed to a repeated action in response to stimuli for prolonged time. Habit is a mechanism used by psychotherapy to treat diverse psychological problems, in many Neuro programing courses and also sometimes indirectly my Marketing practices. Circling back to many marketing strategies you will realize that most of the basis for creating a growth in any particular business is done by exposure, which is basis of any marketing plan, followed by information, affiliation, and nudge to desired action.

Building blocks of Marketing

The tools we use for creating the proper marketing strategies might vary, but I’m here to ask you a new question to those who think they know marketing. What is stronger, creating recognition, image or flair for the views or creating a simple, Habit?. There is a common belief that Marketing is a tool for creating views or recognition, but in reality what many people forget is that even though it is defined as: “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large” by the American Marketing Association it is in reality a complex mechanism of business science to create a flow of new clients and growth or control of sales, which might vary at different levels of business development. But what about a Habit ?

Affiliation, why it matters

Desired outcome of every good marketing plan can be as follows:

  • Sales dollars
  • Units sold
  • Market share
  • Mix of products or services
  • ROI on advertising expenditures
  • Awareness
  • Public relations placements
  • Number of new accounts/relationships
  • Share of customer’s business
  • Sales conversion rates

In these few examples we can find points which can represent the goals that are most common in a modern business, they are the quintessence of a healthy business need, and also here we can see one common thread that can make most of them easily accessible to any business. And that is Affiliation. The relationship resulting from affiliating one thing with another is a building block of every though and process in our brains, Affiliate Marketing plays a huge role in any good marketing plan and is arguably one of best tool for developing exposure and most likely rated as most cost efficient method of marketing out there.


On the left side of the first page you can read the multiple strategy types and Marketing channels used for expanding your business awareness and development. These programs are include things like:  Visual Marketing, Affinity marketing, Advertising, Brand awareness, Email Marketing etc. all of which are strong by themselves but always have a negative side which you have to be aware of, And this is why we are coming back to a affiliations and affiliate Marketing.

• Affinity marketing
• Advertising
• Advertising management
• American business history
• Brand awareness
• Co-marketing
• Consumer confusion
• Consumer behaviour
• Database marketing
• Demand chain
• Digital marketing

Other marketing strategies

• Family in advertising
• History of marketing
• List of marketing terms
• Loyalty marketing
• Macromarketing
• Marketing mix
• Marketing Management
• Marketing research
• Marketing strategy
• Micromarketing
• Media manipulation

• Multicultural marketing
• Product management
• Production orientation
• Public Sector Marketing
• Real-time marketing
• Relationship marketing
• Smarketing
• Societal marketing
• Sustainable market orientation
• Visual marketing
• Email remarketing


If you look back of what we talked about earlier in regards of comparing marketing to advantages of  Habit behavior, while keeping in mind the complexity of all the marketing plans and problems you can see how affiliate marketing comes out on top from all the other solutions for a developing a proper strategy for brand recognition, developing a habit behavior and controlling the negative aspects of any strategy, Affiliation in its simplicity uses established brands name and position, its marketing sources and influence to associate you with the same culture and trust that it already developed. Crediting others in your company, and also having your company mentioned, displayed or credited is one of the safest and most effective methods of developing new connections, establishing position on the market and getting recognition, If done properly it is also a most reliable method of establishing brand image since people are preprogrammed to judge things by association from our early stages of cognitive development and in that matter we always learn about ourselves and others by association / affiliations that we see in the world.

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