UX Design

“User Experience design”

In a modern world of computer interactions User Experience is a fist line of impression of your brand and very important step for creating positive aspects of a service from the perspective of the consumer, both visually and functionally.

Workflow Screenshot

On the left side i pasted little screen shot of my Monitor while working. I think it is obvious to say that UX design is one of most complex but also satisfying jobs for creative individuals involving, Proper communication, Flexibility, Design, understanding the marketing and psychology behind each decision people take when interacting with your design, since it is very important for the workflow and interaction for clients to be a smooth and instinctive as possible.

Love for UX

Below you will find the infographics i created for the purpose of sharing the knowledge that i accumulated and to show the complex processes and requirements involving this UX Design. Personally this is one of my favorite jobs since it is also one of most skill demanding and involving constant development and analyzing of strategies, psychology and motivations of any given case. There is no bigger satisfaction then using all you know, to create perfect designs and solve problems. 

My Samples