What is a Brand

It’s your Name, Identity, personality and recognition

It’s what follows the thought about the Product that makes them recognizable in the world, and more importantly, it’s what makes your client or a market you are aiming for think about you next time they things about a situation, company, or a product category your brand belongs to. And that is what you want.

Quoting American Marketing Association Dictionary A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer”

Here are few Brand Awareness strategies and Techniques that might help you in your business:

  1. Partner with other brands – expand your audience in natural organic way. Team up with art galleries, events or other popular spots to get more audience
  2. Give users incentives, gifts or unique privalages for referrals and promoting your brand
  3. Create closed Beta, Make it Time limited and offer access only to users who help you with growth by networking for you. This way you can get Thousands of users before even you start your business.
  4. Create infographics Based on the knowledge and information your company can share with those interested in your product.
  5. If you have a Product which is in a Digital version, you can offer trial version or Watermarked version of your product leading to your Page unless the customer upgrades to a paid version.
  6. Offer your services for free on press event or social media where you are sure to have an target audience and probable expand in Brand recognition/Marketing
  7. Think about creating a friendly environment for your clients. Interactive community or personalized space which gives people feeling of belonging and sharing the experience.
  8. Offer subscribers a free service that they can use. Many companies grew their base by offering free essential services in return for subscriptions.
  9. Create Gamified experience that makes users interested in your product and share the experience
  10. Look for examples of companies with similar profile as yours that have had a successful campaign or strategies and try to implement them in your business.

Remember Brand Visual Identity matters.

Brand recognition counts as successful when people can recognize your company profile/Brand or name without specifically having access to the name, but rather through recognition by a logo, slogan, color or an image that represents your Brand and is present in individuals contentiousness.

Here is an info-graphic i found on the statistics from 2019 that might be interesting to see.

Credit: Howmuch.net

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